Iraq: Lost Lives

In September 2007, the head of the US armed forces occupying Iraq was to address the Congress on the state of US operations and the controversial ‘surge’ of troops in the country. MORE4 News and Native Voice Films decided to focus attention in this period on the staggering number of Iraqi lives lost in this 4 year conflict.


‘Lost Lives’ attempts to turn the overwhelming statistics of Iraqi deaths into names, loved ones, and human beings. 4 short films are narrated by family, friends and colleagues who tell of the quirks, hobbies, characters and special moments shared with someone killed by the western occupying forces or sectarian milita death squads.


Director / Camera: Phil Cox
Producer: Giovanna Stopponi
Producer Middle East: Noor Raad Khadem Al Shawi
Executive Producer: Iain Overton


Posted on

October 13, 2007