Giving Back

Three Syrian boys receiving welcome on the island of Lesvos in Greece in a center supported by REACT

At Native Voice Films – we believe in responding to the diverse situations and issues before us in ways beyond simply filming and documenting. REACT (Refugee Education Across Conflicts Trust ) is a registered charity that was created by us in 2008 as a volunteer organisation. REACT’s mission is to provide long term educational needs and emergency protection to refugees. It works with local partners and the refugees themselves to identify needs and best impact strategies. Native Voice Filmmakers and our partners work to fundraise and deliver targeted projects in order to support those fleeing conflicts and offer them protection and access to education. We believe refugees should be able to exercise their right to an independent and dignified economic social and cultural development. We especially look to support women, children and the aspirations of the young.


Darfuri school girls at the REACT supported Am Nabak refugee camp in Eastern Chad

REACT is currently delivering mulitple projects in response to the EU Refugee crisis. These projects, in consultation with local partners and with the refugees themselves have been rolled out on the Greek islands. They include targeted medical assistance, access to safe refuge and the distribution of mobile Arabic libraries for adults and children. REACT has also been assisting the Darfuri refugees – hundreds of thousands sitting in camps on the Chad Sudan border – since 2008. In response to requests from the Darfuri refugees we continue to support teachers and children with educational supplies and assistance to makeshift schools. REACT currently has two projects being implemented in Eastern Chad.

Native Voice filmmakers with supporting volunteers regularly fundraise – please join us!

To learn more, please visit the REACT website.