Chavez’s Motorbike Militias

Each week hundreds of motorbikers race through the streets of Caracas, the capital of Venezuela, their loud show of force reminding all Venezualans that the Bolivian revolution, and its president Hugo Chavez, is here to stay.


Native Voice went to Caracas to investigate these street militias – groups that the opposition claims are armed militants and, with controversial new reforms, about to become an official arm of the government. The camera travels with the bikers in their night patrols, their rallies and aggressive response to opposition groups and protests. Native Voice also accompanied them into some of the biggest slums in South America where armed groups declare they are ready to defend the Venezuelan revolution at any cost.


This exclusive report enters into the polorised social and political world of today’s Venezuela. It gives an insight into those Venezuelans critical of the government and those desperate to defend ‘their people’s revolution’ at all costs.

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Director / Camera: Phil Cox
Producer Venezuela: Michelle Gaudet
Producer London: Giovanna Stopponi
Assistant Producer: Ed Owels
Editor: Esteban Uyarra


Posted on

November 16, 2007