Darfur’s Dirty War


In 2004, Darfur was labeled the worst humanitarian crisis on the plant. A calculated ‘genocide’ according to the United States.

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In summer 2005, Native Voice filmmaker Philip Cox and guide Dawd – who produced the Rory Peck award winning first reports from Darfur – spent 4 weeks traveling across Sudan to discover the current reality of this conflict that has provoked so much international outrage but seemingly so little action.

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This film shows an unseen picture of life inside Darfur after the international community has ‘moved on’. Refugees hide in wadi’s and caves, too afraid to venture out. The two main rebel groups who once united to fight the government are now fighting each other. The assorted mixture of African Union troops who are charged with keeping the peace are confused and frustrated. Even though they are desperate for Africans to finally solve their own conflicts, they often find themselves with no fuel for their helicopters and that their few thousand troops are almost useless to police such a vast country. They despairingly resort to watching their satellite Tvs and playing cards.

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Darfur’s Dirty War is a startling and insightful film with extraordinary access and testimonies from all sides of one of the conflict.

Director / Camera: Philip Cox
Producer: Katia Saleh
Fixer / Guide: Dawd Abute
Editor: John McMullen
Co-Editor: Esteban Uyarra
Executive Producer SBS: Amos Cohen


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June 3, 2007