Ashura – Blood and Beauty

A unique film by Katia Saleh, Ashura Blood & Beauty is a contemporary look at the biggest Shia ceremony in South Lebanon. The 1300-year-old Ashura Muslim ritual is considered today as the only social venue for the young boys and girls of South Lebanon.

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On this Ashura day, the Shia Muslims around the world commemorate the tragic death of their holiest Imam, Hussein. But amid the passion of Imam Hussein’s martyrdom – there is a romance of a new generation. And the mix of modernity and tradition in Lebanon has made Ashura a platform for young people to meet each other.

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The film reveals an unseen side to Ashura – a side that is not just spectacle and bloodshed, but rather ambiguous and truly compelling.

Directer / Producer: Katia Saleh
Editor: Taimur Khan
Exec Producers: Phil Cox & Leon Nobrain
A Native Voice & Batoota Films Production – check out dee Batoota people. Click here


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June 21, 2007