Rig Life

Oil platforms young and old are scattered through the North Sea. They are the unseen metal giants, toiling 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to bring electricity to the UK. Commissioned for a series of short films for Channel 4, director Ed Owles flew out to the middle of the North Sea to produce four unique insights into this remote wild area of the UK.
These acclaimed 4 films offer reflections from those who work offshore about their unusual lives, the environment they live in, and the dwindling reserves of the black gold they dredge up.

The Old Timer: Brian is the old-timer – he’s been out on the rigs for almost 30 years and by his own admission is addicted to rig life. Originally he only wanted to come out for a couple of years, but now wouldn’t want to swap his “self-jail” for anything else.
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The Rookie: Michael is a young rookie who’s only been working offshore for a couple of months. With the average age on the rig above 50 and oil beginning to run out, what does he think his future holds?
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Jacqui’s Rig: Jacqui runs the communications for the entire platform and is responsible for the daily coming and goings of the chopper. She reflects on life as one of the few women working in the male-dominated world of North Sea oil.
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Captain of the Rig: Mick is in charge of the Scott platform – the ‘captain of the ship’ – and he’s been there since the beginning. He talks of his relationship with ‘his’ rig in the wild domain of the North Sea.
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Director / Producer: Ed Owles
Production Manager: Giovanna Stopponi
Editor: Esteban Uyarra
Exec: Phil Cox


Posted on

October 2, 2008