Rights Universal

60 years ago in 1948, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, one of mankind’s landmark documents, was created. Timed to match this anniversary and jointly made with Amnesty International, four short films tell the stories of people in the UK who, through dramatic personal experiences, are fighting to promote the Articles from the UDHR that relate to their everyday life.

1000 Bullets – Richard Wilson worked in IT until his sister was murdered in a bus massacre in Burundi. This film tells of Richard’s search for justice and to uphold Article 8 of the UDHR. Click to Watch Film

Queen Country and a Gag Order – Ben Griffen, a former British Soldier, is currently subject to a High Court injunction and is unable to discuss his military experiences without prior Ministry of Defense consent. This film tells of Ben’s belief in Article 19, the right to freedom of expression. Click to Watch Film

Glasgow Resistance – This film tells the story of four Glasgow girls who, after one of them was threatened with deportation, are fighting to promote Article 14, the Right to Asylum. Click to Watch Film

Color Blind Faith – The story of an Islamist extremist from Essex and the elderly Christian that campaigned to end his detention and torture after 9/11. It portrays Article 1: All human beings are born free and equal. Click to Watch Film

Directors: Lisa Cazzato-Vieyra & Lisle Turner
Producer: Ana Garcia
Assistant Producers: Ben Samuels & Ana Matos
DoPs: Simon Niblett and David Knight
Production Manager: Giovanna Stopponi
Editor: Paul Monaghan
Executive Producers: Philip Cox & Lisle Turner


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December 3, 2008