Breaking into the USA

The number of Central Americans illegaly crossing the Mexican – US border is still increasing. Many die in their attempt to realise the ‘American Dream’ – which usually means cheap illegal labour for the US economy. This film follows 3 men trying to break illegally into the USA.

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In close observational style, Native Voice accompanied these men during their dramatic crossing. Each of them had different motives, each a different dream, each of them were determined to support their families and better themselves. The illegal routes into the USA are often hazerdous and controlled by vicious mafia gangs who make millions of dollars from desperate immigrants who see no hope or future in their own countries.


For five days and nights Native Voice followed the immigrants struggle past Mexican border patrols, cross 2 mountain ranges and then the Arizona desert. Food ran out after 2 days and water was occasionally gleaned from cattle pools. Day and night the immigrants ran and walked – snatching only a few hours sleep. Once in the USA, the men had to continue to hide from the vigilanties, border police and helicopters that routinely sweep up to one hundred miles inland from the actual border. The physical duress – thirst, exhaustian, heat and then the dangers from waiting gangs, are all part of this deadly journey that immigrants face in their clandestine journey to North America.

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Director / Camera – Phil Cox
Producer – Giovanna Stopponi
AP and fixer Mexico – Joseba Calvo
Editor – Esteban Uyarra


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June 13, 2007