Inside the Camorra

The Camorra is one of most organized, profitable and ruthless mafias in the world. In Naples and its suberbs, the Italian state has little power – it is the Camorra ‘Systema’ that rules all aspects of civic life. Making literally billions of pounds in an international rackatering, extortion, toxic waste dumping and narcotic empire – the Camorra has recently been ravaged by clan fighting. To speak out about their inner workings means death yet Native Voice Films gained unique access into the Camorra world; to those who run it, and to those few everyday citizens trying to fight it.


Over two months in Naples, a Native Voice team recorded for the first time on camera Mafia bosses explaining why Italy ‘needs’ the Camorra. They also describe how they control the police and run their own separate state, employing 50,000 people. “It’s a beautiful thing, the Camorra”, says one feared Camorra boss. “Sometimes, you really need hard people with no hearts, no feelings”. “If you want to escape the Camorra, it’s better to shoot yourself”, states another Camorra member.


This film reveals a violent and almost operatic Neopolitan reality. Camorra bosses build their houses like Al-Pacino’s Scarface mansion, hand grenades are thrown into churches and heroin dens exist in residential estates – yet the Neopolitan people, many feeling deserted by the Italian state, still resist in small but their own brave ways.

Director / Camera: Phil Cox
Producer: Giovanna Stopponi
Editor: Emile Guiterin


Posted on

June 13, 2007